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We are the nonprofit working to improve bicycling where you ride in Colorado. Your membership—as an individual or household, a business or a bicycling event—helps us work for better laws, more bike lanes, improved trails, enhanced safety and open roads for bike events.

Individual/household membership options

You can join or renew with Bicycle Colorado as an individual or as a household, with two options:

button-annual-memberStarts at just $30 per year.

button-monthly-memberStarts at $5 per month and allows you to
spread your contributions throughout the year.
(Cancel at any time.)

Renewing members: We will match your gift to your account using your name and email address and add a year of membership or begin your monthly membership when your current annual membership expires.

Membership benefits

Being a member of Bicycle Colorado means you are actively working to improve bicycling in our state. This benefits you, your family and friends and everyone who rides a bicycle in Colorado.

bicycling-and-bicycle-timesAll members are eligible to receive:

Members at the $50+ levels may also choose Bicycle Colorado cycling socks. Select your gifts on the membership form.

Member services

If your contact information has changed, you would like to make a suggestion or you need a new member card, fill out this form.

Business Memberships

Bicycle Colorado business/organization memberships allow you to make an investment that can increase the number of people who ride bikes in our state, which can equal more tourism, jobs and money. In return for the investment, Bicycle Colorado promotes your business to a captive audience, gives you a voice in Colorado legislative issues and helps you “do the right thing” for bicycling in our state.



View our list of current business and organization supporters here.

Bicycle Event Memberships

Bicycle events are an integral part of Colorado’s bicycling culture. We’ve worked with event organizers and the Colorado State Patrol over the years to help make sure that events—from the smallest ride to the biggest events—have open roads. When your bicycle event supports Bicycle Colorado as an Event Member, you have a voice in making bicycling better in our state for the people who participate in your ride.